KMS was founded in 2013

Starting as a small production plant in Latvia, KMS now designs, manufactures and assembles up to 600 self-storage units per month.

Experienced team

Our team of experienced professionals ensures full cycle service to clients in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. Starting our cooperation by carrying out a needs assessment, we implement customised solutions down to the smallest detail. KMS self-storage installers will ensure a fast and seamless on-site assembly.



We offer two types of self-storage hallway systems: a white system made using glossy white flush panels and a more affordable galvanised system. When it comes to quality, we always use high-quality self-storage construction materials and go the extra mile to ensure our storage units are durable, secure and easy-to-use. We constantly work to improve the end user’s experience, designing ergonomic and human-friendly spaces that customers want to return to.

We follow these clear steps:

Client needs assessment
Design plan development
Finalization of order details
Production of self-storage units
Order delivery and on-site assembly

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